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Mama Sita's brings the luscious goodness of Philippine fruits in all delicious forms to Paris

Blessed with an abundance of rain and sunshine, the Philippines is a virtual orchard of the sweetest tropical fruits. There are nearly 200 species of fruit bearing trees and shrubs thriving abundantly all over the country to provide Filipinos with a year-round supply of sweet, juicy, delectable fruits in a plethora of colors, shapes and sizes. Aside from rice, fruits and root crops form essential parts of the Filipino diet. They satisfy the Filipino’s sweet tooth, or provide natural thirst quenchers.


In summer, most especially, the parade of Philippine fruits is virtually endless. Gourmets and the simply ravenous foodies can sink their teeth into ripe, golden Philippine mangoes – arguably the sweetest one of its kind in the world. Pineapples beckon fruit lovers with their fragrant aroma and juicy pulp. Hefty langka (jackfruit) waits to be sliced open, to be devoured raw or cooked in golden syrup. Crisp guavas and engorged papayas, savored fresh from the tree or made into juices, are old-time favorites.


Bananas come in a variety of sizes – from the diminutive señorita of Cavite to the big plantains from Mindanao to the well loved saba (cooking bananas). The piquant santol can be enjoyed in many ways – dipped in salt and sucked, scored and sweetened with sugar for a cool glass of santolada, or made into candies. Of course, the coconut provides a thousand and one uses – as a favored dessert, a useful cooking ingredient and as a health drink. Tourists who come to the Philippines to bask in its world-class beaches soon realize that the sweet flavors of sun-kissed native fruits are another reason to stay… and keep coming back for.


The wonderfully varied flavors of Philippine fruits is set to lure discriminating French taste buds when Mama Sita’s joins the much-anticipated SIAL food fair in Paris this October. The second largest food fair in the world sets the stage for Mama Sita’s array of fruit products in well-loved traditional forms and exciting innovative variants.


As the premier global Filipino food brand, Mama Sita’s proudly carries with it a tradition of product excellence in the field of food production. Its mixes and sauces which have won raves here and abroad for their premium quality and faithfulness to the authentic flavors of classic Filipino cooking ingredients. The SIAL food fair certainly aligns well to Mama Sita’s vision to make other people, not just Filipinos, enjoy Filipino food all over the world.


As a custodian of authentic Filipino tastes that uses only the best and safest ingredients in its tasty food mixes and sauces, Mama Sita’s is presenting the flavors of Philippine homegrown fruits in convenient and easy-to-use forms, or ready-to-eat forms – from dried fruits to fried chips and fruit powders. It can also custom-make fruit products based on customer specifications.


The goodness of sun-ripened mangoes, pineapples, langka and guava can now be enjoyed year-round with Mama Sita’s Tropical Fruit Syrups. This can be used as delicious pancake toppings, crepe fillings and as beverage mixers and other desserts. The same fruits have been pureed for various dessert applications.


From mango, kalamansi and dalandan, Mama Sita’s developed a line of healthy powdered drinks. Mama Sita’s chewy dried fruit delights that are perfect as healthy snacks come in a variety of mango, pineapple, lakatan banana, guava, santol and a delicious mix of mango, pineapple and banana.


Bananas have also been transformed into delightfully crispy chips in different variants -- with and without sugar, and with and without salt. Mama Sita’s has also preserved the healthy goodness of coconuts in its Powdered Coconut Milk, Canned Coconut Milk, Virgin Coconut Oil, Cocojam. Mama Sita’s exploited the goodness of Philippine fruits to come up with its own sandwich fillers and dessert toppings such as pineapple, guava, mango, kalamansi and passion fruit jams.


Foreigners and Filipinos living abroad will find in the Pili (Philippine almonds grown mainly in the Bicol region) and Cashew nuts (a traditional delight) crunchy delectables. Locally grown cocoa, long used in the making of thick chocolate drink, have been transformed into Cocoa Powder, Pure Tablea (for purists who want the comforting flavors of the classic Tsokolate Eh) and the scrumptious Cocoa Nibs.


And what better way to cap a perfect meal than with generous scoops of ice cream? The French will surely fall in love with Mama Sita’s tropical ice cream in luscious variants of ube (purple yam), macapuno, mango and langkasuy – ripened jackfruit with bits of cashew nuts.


Thanks to Mama Sita’s, at this year’s SIAL food fair, Philippine fruits will certainly take Paris by storm.



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